Zabava 2017 Line-Up

Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival Coordinator Hazel Anaka is pleased to announce the line-up of talent for the 2017 Zabava to be held Saturday, August 26th at the Lamont Rec Centre Hall. “We’re pleased that we’ve been able to hold prices steady at $50 a ticket for the fifth straight year. As before, we have some exceptional acts ready, willing, and able to entertain our crowd, “ said Anaka.

“It’s hard to know whether people come for the incredible Ukrainian banquet or the amazing entertainment,” said Jim Newman, Lamont County Manager of Economic Development. “Luckily they don’t have to choose. “A Taste for Life” Ukrainian ?afé & ?istro by St. John’s Institute of Edmonton is returning as the 2017 caterer of our Ukrainian feast.”

This year Edmonton’s Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company will provide the heart-stopping talent audiences have come to expect during floor-level performances at the Zabava. Guests need to stay long enough to witness (or take part in!) the traditional kolomyika. Zemlia Vocal Trio’s evocative singing stirs the heart and rekindles memories. To round out the evening Edmonton’s Trembita offers a wide variety of dance music, from traditional Ukrainian songs to a mix of pop, country, and rock.

“In a cooperative effort with Lamont County’s ‘year of the Ukrainian’ anniversary celebrations, the night will also feature a fireworks display,” said Anaka. “Lamont County is the “cradle of Ukrainian settlement in Canada” so what better way to celebrate?”

“We encourage buyers to get their tickets early for best seat selection,” said Anaka. “Our usual system of coloured dot tickets rewards early buyers and makes the seating process orderly and fair. So we’re doing that again in this new community. Tickets are available online, by mail, or by email transfer.”