Workshop for Ukrainian Music

Thank you to Charlie Gargus for this guest blog promoting an important event happening in Lamont County: the 9th Annual Workshop for Ukranian Music.

Once again we are organizing a Workshop for Ukrainian Music at Mundare, on March 8th, 2014. This will be a one-day workshop followed by an evening concert and a Group Jam. Classes for fiddle, dulcimer, accordion and keyboards will be available, with the primary focus on fiddle music.

Registered students will learn tunes that are distinctly Ukrainian and will be able to perform these tunes with their group and instructor during the evening concert. This concert will follow a hearty supper that will be provided by the ladies at the Mundare Recreation Centre.

The instructor will be invited to perform for about 10 minutes. Back-up musicians will be available if a class or a performer chooses to use them. The remainder of the evening will be a Group Jam format for anyone wishing to perform and any style will be welcomed.

The format of this workshop is similar to the one that was developed by The Alberta Society of Fiddlers these past18 years. Organizers began ASF to promote fiddle music among young people so that this wonderful style of music is not lost as master fiddlers retire their fiddles. The result is, an amazing group of young fiddlers now roams the province, going to fiddle camps and fiddle competitions. Sadly, very little Ukrainian music is heard at these events so I feel that we need to expand the efforts of ASF in this area. The goodwill and camaraderie that develops at the ASF fiddle camps was certainly evident during the previous Mundare workshops.

Thus far, arrangements have been made for a lunch and an evening meal (feast). Also, the hall is booked, and classroom space is available. Instructors have been tentatively confirmed and requests for registration forms are beginning to come in. I feel very fortunate to have instructors that are willing to share their talents and time, to preserve this wonderful music style.

All suggestions are welcome. Please contact us (Charlie and Debby Gargus) at 780-764-3062 or at