What's Up?

What’s Up?

So, what’s been happening since we shut the lights on Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival 2014?

Turns out…..quite a bit. Not all of it has been visible to the casual viewer. Most of it is paying attention to the boring (but necessary) details that separate successful events from ‘nice try.’ Making calls, sending and receiving emails, meeting, brainstorming, innovating, building and nurturing relationships, learning, writing grant applications, engaging on social media, and more.

If anyone believes that the work of the Festival is contained to that week or the prior month, you would be sadly mistaken. Our promotional opportunities now seem to be coming year round. With magazine deadlines a full season before publication date, we are already supplying photos and content to publications that will bring our message to a new audience this Spring-Summer. More to follow.

In December a ‘cast of thousands’ pulled together to stage a traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve celebration for broadcast on TV January 6th. Thanks to Radomir & Lydia, Mykola & family, Baba Magda, Jim Newman, Roy Anaka, Joe & Pat Synyshyn, and Boris Derow. Anyone who caught the segment or watched the video clip on Facebook got a sneak peak at the musical entertainment for Zabava 2015, Axios Men’s Chorus. So while we’re not quite ready to reveal BIG Zabava and festival announcements just yet, we’re getting close.

Trust me when I say, that there will a repeat of favourite activities plus new, new, new. Expect to see a greater emphasis on all things BORSHCH. We’ve already confirmed some new presenters and new displays. Expect more Baba Magda sightings year-round. Expect more fun for kids. Expect more ways to get involved