Welcome to Our New Look

Thanks to the talent of Townlife’s Clinton Boyda and his staff we have a fresh, new look for the Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival website.

Our wish list was short---okay, maybe not that short: larger, quick-loading photos; a prominent easy-to-find blog with photo; a clean lined, fresh, modern look; a user-friendly backroom for easy modifications; and the ability to archive older content for those wanting to retrace our early days. We think we hit all the marks but ultimately this site exists to serve you. Let us know if you like the changes or have suggestions.

Our intention is to use this blog space:
• to make announcements
• for quick updates
• to provide supplementary Festival information
• to address topics of interest or importance to Ukrainians and ‘wannabes’

Our hope is that the content is so valuable, so relevant, so readable that you subscribe so you don’t miss a word! We hope you will share.

Elsewhere in the site you will see less text and more images because time is precious.

See you soon!