Welcome Back!

So what’s in a title? It may mean you’re one of the more than 3000 ‘unique’ people who, through 18,390 page views, visited our official Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival (BBUF) website this summer! In which case, welcome back. If you’re a new visitor, thank you!

My intention is to use this space as a fun, informal way to provide updates, a sneak peek behind the scenes and talk to you about all things Babas & Borshch.

YOU may be Ukrainian or a ‘wannabe.’ Perhaps you want to relive the first BBUF experience. Or maybe you want to see what you missed. Maybe you were a performer, demonstrator, volunteer or guest and like me, didn’t get to ‘see it all.’ May I suggest you watch/re-watch the awesome YouTube video shot and posted by my nephew and former Andrew-ite, Matt Levicki.

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Be sure to check out the new photo album on the site. It attempts to capture in just a few shots (out of hundreds taken by Stan Cholak and my daughter Hilary) the essence of BBUF 2013. I know it’s been a long time coming but there was important post-event work to complete.

One of the more fun jobs was attending the ALTO Awards Gala at the Travel Alberta conference in Banff where the Festival competed for a marketing excellence award. And while we didn’t bring home the hardware the recognition and exposure we got as a result of being a finalist should serve the festival well. It’s certainly helped put Andrew and Lamont County on the map.

Less fun, but still necessary, has been the paperwork. Meetings have been held, ideas considered, the work for 2014 has begun. Stay tuned for announcements.