Victor Malarek at Babas & Borshch

Orphanage_41Respected Canadian Journalist Appears at Babas & Borshch

Festival Coordinator, Hazel Anaka is thrilled to announce that award-winning Toronto investigative journalist, Victor Malarek will be discussing his first work of fiction, Orphanage 41 at Babas & Borshch this year.

“We are so pleased that such a prominent and accomplished Ukrainian-Canadian will be part of the festival. While Orphanage 41 is fictional, it was inspired by Victor’s interviews with victims of sex trafficking and visits to Ukrainian orphanages. It reflects the same level of talent that distinguished his career as an author of 6 non-fiction books. In the past he’s tackled such topics as his own life in Quebec’s child protection services, immigration, the global drug trade, his stint in war torn countries, the global sex trade and its johns,” said Anaka.

Malarek’s career as a journalist has spanned nearly fifty years. His start began in print with Weekend Magazine, The Montreal Star and The Globe and Mail. In 1990, he made the move to television as host/reporter on CBC’s the fifth estate. In 2000 he moved to CTV’s W5 where he spent 17 years until his retirement. His memoir, Hey Malarek, inspired feature film (Malarek) and a TV drama series called Urban Angel.

In addition to receiving honours from the Ukrainian community, he’s won 4 Michener Awards for meritorious public service journalism, a Gemini as Canada’s top broadcast journalist, and 3 Canada Screen Awards for his documentaries.

This is a must-see session if you want to meet this Canadian icon and get a signed copy of Orphanage 41. Victor is speaking both Saturday and Sunday as well as attending the Zabava as our guest. Learn more about his humanitarian work with NASHI-Our Children and the Maple Leaf Centre in Ukraine.

Here’s what others have said about the book:
“Victor describes the Canadian Ukrainian community perfectly without either praising or condemning it. All the characters in Canada and Ukraine were familiar in so many ways, composites of people that I have met. This made the whole storyline so much more believable. The dog and pony show put on by Ukrainian orphanages as described in the book were exactly how I've experienced them. Every character from the airport customs officials to cab drivers, priests and internet café users was spot on.”

“Malarek writes from a true ethnic perspective, focusing on international issues. His stereotyping of the professor was superb----the self indulgent, self-important Dr. Yashan. We all have met these people. His depiction of the corruption in Ukraine and other Slavic countries, directly related to the previous Soviet Union is spot on.”

“Authentic, sensitive and suspenseful. Captures a grim reality while urging compassion for these young women.”
“Malarek’s novel is a page-turner! Not only is it engaging, it’s also very accurate. You will be moved AND enlightened.”

“An emotional roller coaster.”