Countdown to a VIRTUAL Babaas & Borshch

Be sure to come back here on Saturday to login in to our YouTube channel. On our homepage, above our name are tiny icons for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Clicking on the YouTube icon will take you to eleven new videos.

These videos highlight some of our festival favourites performing, demoing or instructing. God willing, and with no technical issues, the videos will be released every half hour starting at 10 AM on Saturday, August 21st. If you can't tune in on Saturday, fear not...the videos will exist on YouTube forever.

We're especially happy to launch the digital version of the Andrew and area history book, Dreams and Destinies written in 1980. It's been out-of-print since it sold out decades ago and a couple generations of people have never seen a copy. Besides being a comprehensive history of the area, it includes all the family stories that were submitted at the time. Huge gratitude to the Andrew Historical Society for placing the book into the public domain and to Radomir Bilash for doing the digital transformation. You'll be awed by the ability to search for any topic that interests you. If you watch the Lillian Semeniuk and Radomir Bilash videos, you'll know everything!!

Finally, a formal thank you to those who participated in what we hope is our first and last virtual festival. We'd love to be back live & in person in 2022.