Baba's Bazaar

In 2017, we’re excited about the potential of Baba’s Bazaar. Both vendors and festival visitors will benefit from:
• The larger space that combines Bazaar + Beer Garden + ATCO sound stage
• Dance performances by Edmonton’s MY Ukrainian Dance Academy, 2 tiny solo dancers, and 3--count ‘em--3 adult dance groups (Promin-Vegreville, Vatra-Edmonton, and Chudovyi-Innisfree). Made possible in part by the generosity of the Vegreville Cultural Society in lending their dance mat to us!
Educational displays by the Kule Folklore Centre, Ukrainian Museum of Canada, UCWLC Museum, and the Alberta-Ukraine Genealogical Society.
• An Art Show & Sale of original artwork done by Alberta visual artists. Great opportunity for emerging and experienced artists. Small participation fee, no commission on sales. Register before August 1st
• A life-size display of beautiful and unique Ukrainian costumes courtesy of owner Mila Shefel. Mannequins generously provided by Sears.
Accepting Ukrainian-themed retailers and educational exhibitors until August 1. Pre-registration required.

o Watch or try your hand at pysanka writing Saturday and Sunday with Christinia Koscilenuk
o Grind some wheat and take home a cup of flour with Wilson Zukiwski on Saturday
o Join Lamont County FCSS in the Kids’ Zone. Check out the Lego village scape display and compete in timed Lego building contests and craft projects, Saturday and Sunday.
o Take time to watch a slideshow of historic photos called The Way We Were.

o Bring Baba’s kerchief or shawl or buy one from a Bazaar vendor and join Mila’s hands-on scarf (hoostka) tying workshop, “From Baba’s Trunk” on Saturday. From styles worn in old time Ukraine to options for the modern Ukrainian-Canadian woman, this should be great fun.
o “Syr, Budz, or Bryndza---This Budz’s For You” watch Radomir Bilash
recreate this staple Ukrainian cheese and sample some on Saturday.
o Kids’ “Paint a Masterpiece” with artist Andrea Levicki. All ages welcome, $5 supply fee, Saturday + Sunday lessons
o On Saturday lawyer, Mark Minenko will speak about the shameful truth about Ukrainian detainees in Alberta in a session called “This Could Have Been You!”
• Even the Borshch Cook Off is moving to this area on Sunday. All entrants get a Babas & Borshch /Lamont County apron and compete for custom-made borshch bowls by potter Susan Ferbey.
• At 11:30 Sunday cheer on your favourite cook in the first ever Chef Brad Smoliak’s Food Fight. Six cooks, who’ve pre-registered before August 18, will compete in a timed Nalysnyky making contest. The winner takes home the coveted Babas & Borshch apron!