Our Not-So-Secret Goal to turn Lamont County and Andrew, site of the Babas & Borshch Ukrainian Festival, into....drumroll, please........


Have you planted your beets, carrots, onions, garlic and more?
All 'closet' borshch cooks are invite to enter the Cook Off to strut their stuff and earn bragging rights in the third annual contest.
The registration form and rules of the 2015 BORSHCH COOK OFF are now available. Please note the changes and deadline of August 11th.
To see (and try) the recipe of the 2014 Cook Off winner, Nicholas Zachoda click here. He's returning in August to defend his title and compete head-to-head with his Baba, Helen Zachoda and winner of the 2013 Cook Off!



Learn how to make Borshch during a 1-hour demo class led by Chef Gail Hall on Sunday at 11:30 AM in the Main Hall.



Ruth Hamaliuk's lovely presentation in the 2013 Cook Off.


Borshch Cook Off Judges

In 2015, we're proud to announce a judges' panel of culinary heavyweights!


Gail Hall is an enlightened epicurean, chef, food activist, food writer and educator. In 2005, she began Seasoned Solutions, Loft Cooking School, Culinary Tours and Consulting Company. Gail Hall’s love of cooking and satisfaction with feeding people fresh, great food, inspired her to leave her successful career as a civil servant and start Gourmet Goodies catering in 1985.
Gail’s vision was to provide a customized catering service that could be whatever the client wanted it to be. Gourmet Goodies became an award-winning catering company and one of the top five catering establishments in Canada, setting new standards for food quality, presentation, retailing of local and regional food products, cooking classes and culinary tours. Contact her


“For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to feed people. I love everything about food & cooking. The planning and preparation, the stirring and mixing, the tasting and eating, the sharing with family and friends. Food has never been just fuel and cooking has never been a chore. It’s what some might call a passion, a calling or a true love. I look at food as a way of life, and I am opening up my KITCHEN to share this experience with you.

Good food does not have to be complicated. Good food, thoughtfully prepared can be delicious, exciting and fun. I have worked in all kinds of kitchens and cooked for all kinds of people, from my teenage son to Her Majesty the Queen of England. I had the great honour of taking Alberta food products and showcasing them on the world stage at two Olympic Games – in Vancouver in 2010, and in London in 2012. I work alongside farmers, producers, growers and other food entrepreneurs to make sure the ingredients we use never travel far. Home grown flavour is always on the menu.
Whether you join me in the KITCHEN for a cooking class for one person or ten, or kick it up with your own private KITCHEN party, or facilitate your next business meeting at our KITCHEN table, I promise this is one KITCHEN that always delivers.” http://kitchenbybrad.ca

Food wine and travel writer Mary Bailey is the publisher of The Tomato food & drink. She is a senior national judge for Gold Medal Plates/Canadian Culinary Championships. She founded Edmonton’s Slow Food convivia in 2002 and co-founded the local food event Indulgence, a Canadian epic of Food and Wine now in its 15th year. She is the co-author (with Judy Schultz) of two best-selling books on Alberta food: The Food Lover’s Trail Guide to Alberta, Volumes I & II. She is also the creator of the Relish Food on Film Festival, called one of Alberta’s Top 10 Food Festivals by Alberta Culture. She was honoured with the GALA (Growing Alberta Leadership Award) for community spirit in 2007 and is co-chair of the Edmonton Food Council.
A former wine merchant, Mary holds the Wines and Spirits Trust (WSET) Diploma, is a certified sommelier a French Wine Scholar (French Wine Society), and possesses the Spanish Wine Educator’s Certificate. Her work has appeared in various regional and national publications including the National Post. Mary appears regularly on CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon, and is a monthly guest on Edmonton’s top-rated Global TV Morning News.
She looks forward to exploring all things beet at Babas & Borshch.  http://thetomato.ca/